The large hill on which the vineyards are located, from which this great wine is produced, recalls in spring and summer a great "Monte Verde". Familiarly, we have always called you to those Monte Verde vineyards, hence the name of this wine is MontVerd

"Montverd" is a brand that belongs to MGH Wines, a winery group located in the northwest of Spain.

Who are we?

MGH Wines is a winery group dedicated to the elaboration, bottling, aging and commercialization of wines from different Spanish appellations of origin.

Our goal

The aim of MGH Wines is to produce wines of the highest quality, committed to the land in which they are born. A new vision of quality with plantations of classic varietals, preservation of ancient vines, reapplication of artisan techniques and the use of advanced technology, results in wines of international level.


MGH Wines produces wines inscribed under different DO's, some of them, as the Ribeira Sacra ones, in our own facilities and the rest acting through the maquila system, that is, taking advantage of the potential of the facilities of the wineries registered in the different DO's, but always taking care of the 'vinification protocols' and controlling the vineyards from which the grapes are extracted.

Human Resources

A wide and experienced human team covers all areas of the group, starting from the main part, our winemaker and all the necessary staff to achieve our goal, bringing the highest quality wines to your table.

The Winery

MGH Wines elaborate Montverd in Valdepeñas.


Our vineyards are so intimately linked to the history of Castilla (Ciudad Real), with whom mother nature has always been generous, marking the rhythm of life and where people have learned to live with the wine's cycle.


Montverd is the maximum expression of the winery, its quality derives in a special pleasure, where it is reflected to the maximum the feeling, care and affection with which our wines are made. We believe that quality starts from the vineyard and therefore we strive daily to make wines that reflect our terroir, soil conditions and climate and of course the experience of our winemakers.

The Cave

The winery is a blend of tradition and modernity where the company has respected the history restoring and preserving the old buildings and caves dated in 1884 with the new and modern parts built at the end of the last century.

Our Wine

When pleasure is within reach of your cup.


Location of our headquarters and wineries.


C/ Progreso 24, Office 3
36202, Vigo. Spain

Main winery

DO Ribeira Sacra
Rúa de Outeiro s/n
27460, Sober, Lugo. Spain

Elaboration Winery

DO Valdepeñas
Calle Magdalena 33
13300, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real. Spain

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